Stump Grinding or Removal Services in Biltmore Forest, NC

Quality Tree Service provides stump removal and grinding services for anyone who might have a stump on their property that needs to be removed. If you are not sure whether you need our services, check out the info below or give us a call for more details.

The Most Common Reasons for Stump Grinding or Removal

Once a tree is removed, there’s probably a stump hanging around. We often get calls from property owners who have had dead trees fall on their land. We also hear from customers who had a tree removed and are just tired of dealing with mowing around the stump. Sometimes we even get calls when a tree’s roots have started to damage underground pipes or sewage lines.

How We Perform Stump Removal in Biltmore Forest, NC

Our tree removing experts use a large machine called a stump grinder to chip away at your stump. First, we remove any debris like rocks that could hurt the machine. Then, we cut the stump as low to the ground as possible and bring the stump grinder over the stump. The grinder quickly eats away at the stump, reducing it down in just seconds.

Why It’s a Good Idea to have Your Tree Stumps Removed

If you have had a tree removed, there is likely a stump in the middle of your lawn. One obvious reason to have it removed is just to make your property look nicer. But did you know that the stump could attract pests and even grown fungi that could be harmful to pets and kids?

Although the tree is gone, its roots can sometimes continue to grow, damaging pipes or other underground utilities like sewage lines. It’s always best to have a professional service like Quality Tree Service nip any potential issues in the bud. If you think it might be time to get that stump out of your yard, give us a call. Biltmore Forest, NC Tree Service would love to give you a hand.

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